You asked: Where are Arizona State students from?

The enrolled student population at Arizona State University-Tempe is 46.7% White, 20.3% Hispanic or Latino, 7.86% Asian, 4.3% Two or More Races, 3.53% Black or African American, 1.07% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.161% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.

What states do ASU students come from?

ASU – Tempe ranks 228 out of 2,183 when it comes to geographic diversity. 35.28% of ASU – Tempe students come from out of state, and 8.21% come from out of the country. Student Location Diversity 89 out of 100.

Top 5 States.

State Amount
Arizona 4,880
California 795
Illinois 198
Texas 178

How many ASU students are from Arizona?

ASU has nearly 150,000 students attending classes, with more than 38,000 students attending online, and 90,000 undergraduates and more nearly 20,000 postgraduates across its five campuses and four regional learning centers throughout Arizona.

Arizona State University.

Type Public research university

How many ASU students are out of state?

Of the 52,184 non-resident students enrolled, 4,337 or 8.3 percent are international students. ASU enrolls 39.1 percent of its students in online degree programs – 18.1 of which are Arizona residents.

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Is ASU prestigious?

Arizona State University continues to set itself apart and establish a reputation of excellence. In 2016, ASU was recognized as one of the top 100 most prestigious universities in the world by Times Higher Education, the world’s largest academic opinion survey.

What is Arizona State known for?

Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the country’s most innovative school, Arizona State University is where students and faculty work with NASA to develop, advance and lead innovations in space exploration. This is where Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners teach master learners.

Is Arizona State University a Tier 1 school?

I never really looked into it and just assumed that Tier 1 was a school ranked in the top 50 of US News College Rankings for National Universities.

Tier 1 Universities.

Name Arizona State University-Tempe
State AZ
US News Best College National University Ranking 115
Top American Research University 40

Why Does ASU have a bad reputation?

ASU as a whole has a bad reputation, but it”s not a bad school. The reputation comes from a very high acceptance rate and status as a “party school”. The quality of education is nowhere as bad as the reputation and it is infinitely more credible than for profit places like DeVry or University of Phoenix.

Is ASU hard to get into?

Acceptance Rate

How hard is it to get into ASU and can I get accepted? The school has a 86% acceptance rate ranking it #7 in Arizona for lowest rate of acceptance.

How can I avoid paying out-of-state tuition?

Here are some tips that will help make going to an out-of-state college more affordable:

  1. Attend a state school in an “academic common market” …
  2. Become a resident of the state. …
  3. Seek waivers. …
  4. Military members and their dependents can attend state schools at the in-state tuition cost. …
  5. Talk to the financial aid office.
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Is ASU expensive for out-of-state?

As a first-year, out-of-state student, you’ll pay ASU for tuition and fees, on-campus housing and meals.

Nonresident first-year. 2021 – 2022 expenses.

Base tuition $28,800
Student initiated fees $633
On-campus housing and meals $14,398
Books and supplies $1,300
Transportation $1,376
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