You asked: How do you say female student in German?

What do you call a female student in German?

Schüler, Student, Student-, Studierende, Schülerin. female adjective, noun.

What gender is student in German?

The English ‘students’ is gender-neutral, but German offers both ‘Studenten‘ (for a group of male students, or for a mixed-gender group) and ‘Studentinnen’ (for a female group).

Is student masculine or feminine or neuter?

The other words: student, scholar and teacher are nouns in common gender form as they can refer to both masculine and feminine genders.

How do you say girl power in German?

girl power [coll.] Girlpower {f} [ugs.]

How do you say I am a student in German?

in German. Ich bin Student.

Why is girl neutral in German?

As for girls, the word Mädchen is still neuter for two reasons, a) because it ends in ‘chen’, b) because nouns ending in ‘chen’ don’t change in the plural. By saying das Mädchen, we know it’s one girl, whereas die Mädchen is more than one. … If we wanted to say ‘The girl is little.

What is the plural of study?

noun. ˈstə-dē plural studies.

What is gender of nun?

The word “nun” is usually used for a female, who is a part of a religious group of this particular gender. Nun is often referred to as female monks. Although, in many English communities, a monk is used for both male and female ascetics from any religious background.

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Is duck feminine or masculine?

Check out this list from Infoplease that includes names for baby animals and what male and female animals are commonly called. Impress your friends at trivia night with the knowledge that a male rabbit is called a buck!

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Animal Duck
Male Drake
Female Duck
Young Duckling

What are the examples of neuter gender?

A noun or pronoun denoting a thing without life is belonging to the neuter gender nouns. Examples : pencil, pen, pillow, light, water, sun, star, book, dust, computer, leaf, it, etc… The child is asleep. Do not wake it.

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