You asked: How do I export my students list from PowerSchool to excel?

How do I export student list from PowerSchool?


  1. Login to the PowerSchool /admin portal.
  2. From the Start Page, select the desired students.
  3. Select Quick Export from Functions, or Navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting > Quick Export.
  4. Enter the fields you’d like to export, and how you’d like the records to be delimited.

How do I pull attendance data from PowerSchool?

Go to generate an attendance export as a . CSV file, go to Reports and then the Attendance tab. 2. Select the range of dates that you would like included in the report, and click on the Download CSV button.

Where is quick export in PowerSchool?

1. On the PowerSchool start page, create a student selection 2. Then in the “Functions” pop up menu choose Quick Export from the list.

How do I print a list of students in PowerSchool?

*Since PowerSchool only displays the first 500 names, you will need to use Select Students by Hand option in the drop down Functions to see the entire list. If you need to print the entire list, choose the List Students option, follow through the Report page setup and Submit.

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What is the CC table in PowerSchool?

Summary: There’s a table in PowerSchool called CC (4) that keeps track of the course catalog.

How do I print my birthday list on PowerSchool?

View and Print a Class Birthday List

  1. Select a class from the Classes pane.
  2. Click the Notifications icon on the navigation bar. …
  3. Select Birthdays on the navigation panel, then select a class from the classes pop-up menu. …
  4. To view a birthday list for all classes, select the All Displayed Classes option from the pop-up menu.

What does Tu mean on PowerSchool?

− High School teachers must take attendance using PowerSchool Teacher. each period, teachers may use AT, TE (Tardy Excused) or TU (Tardy. Unexcused) for marking attendance for periods after the attendance marking period.

How do you query in PowerSchool?

How do I make a Student Query or Selection in PowerSchool? (Intermediate)

  1. Select a student(s) by last name.
  2. Select a student(s) by student number.
  3. Select a student(s) by ANY Student Data field.
  4. Select a student(s) for a specific date.

How do you find previous students on PowerSchool?

In the Search menu, click Past Years’ Students. The Inactive Student Search (Past Years) page appears.

How do I do a quick export in PowerSchool?

On the Start Page, search for and select a group of students. From the group functions menu, choose Quick Export.

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