You asked: Does Mount Saint Mary College have dorms?

Nearly seven out of 10 students live on campus in traditional residence halls, suite style housing, apartments or our University Cottages.

Is Mount Saint Mary College a party school?

Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week.

How much is room and board at Mount Saint Mary’s?

Traditional Undergraduates and Transfer Students

Tuition Cost
Room and Board – Undergraduate Cost
Regular Room $5,066 per semester
Single Room $5,658 per semester
Board (Meal Plans) $2,940 – $3,465 per semester depending on plan

Do you have to live on campus at St Mary’s University?

If students fall into any of the above categories (as of the first day of class for the academic year or term in which they first enroll at the University), they are required to live on campus for the full academic year (or remainder of year if entering for the spring semester).

What GPA do you need for Mount Saint Mary College?

The average GPA for first-year students is an 87 (or a 3.0). Transfer students need a minimum 2.5 GPA in order to transfer to the Mount. GPA requirements for graduate students depend on the program: MBA – 2.85, Education – 3.0, Nursing – 3.0.

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Do you have to be Catholic to go to Mount Saint Mary’s?

Do I have to be Catholic to attend the Mount? Absolutely not. It’s true that the education you will find at the Mount is founded in the Catholic liberal arts tradition, but we don’t expect every student to be Catholic.

Is Mount Saint Mary College closing?

The MSMC campus is closed today, Friday, February 19, 2021, due to inclement weather. Please note: All classes will be held remotely. Employees with remote computer access will work remotely.

Is Mount Saint Mary College Catholic?

Mount St. Mary’s University is a private, liberal arts, Catholic university in the Catoctin Mountains near historic Emmitsburg, Maryland, with a satellite campus for adult students in Frederick, Maryland’s second largest city.

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