What state is Radford University?

Radford University is located in the New River Valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwestern Virginia. The school, often abbreviated to RU, offers more than 150 academic programs, including graduate degrees in.

What town is Radford University in?

What university is in Radford VA?

What is Radford College known for?

Well known for its strong faculty/student bonds, innovative use of technology in the learning environment and vibrant student life on a beautiful 204-acre American classical campus, Radford University offers students many opportunities to get involved and succeed in and out of the classroom.

What county is Radford College in?

Radford is included in the Blacksburg–Christiansburg metropolitan area. Radford is the home of Radford University. The Radford Arsenal is nearby in Pulaski and Montgomery counties.

Radford, Virginia
• Land 9.68 sq mi (25.06 km2)
• Water 0.33 sq mi (0.86 km2)
Elevation 2,103 ft (641 m)
Population (2010)

How hard is it to get into Radford?

Radford admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 75%. Students that get into Radford have an average SAT score between 890-1060 or an average ACT score of 18-22. The regular admissions application deadline for Radford is February 1.

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Is Radford a party school?

Radford is known as a huge party school. Though there are a few parties held off-campus it doesn’t really effect those that stay on campus. For the most part there aren’t any problems with noise of drunk people walking around campus or sirens from cop cars.

Is Radford online?

Online Courses | School of Communication | Radford University.

Who went to Radford University?

Alumni Gallery

  • Jayma Mays, ’00. Jayma Mays graduated from RU in 2000 with a B.S. …
  • Haley Raines, ’08. Haley Raines discovered her love for costuming at Radford. …
  • Monte C. Haught, ’91. …
  • Jim Chandler, ’03. …
  • Amy Surratt, ’08. …
  • Christopher Thompson ’03. …
  • Scott Brown, ’05. …
  • Robert Regan Burns, ’09.

Is Radford a college town?

The Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford area ranks first among the top 20 college towns for brain gain, making it a prime destination for students and graduates alike, especially those in the tech industry. … Blacksburg, the larger of the towns, is home to Virginia Tech, while Radford is home to Radford University.

Is Radford VA a good place to live?

People are friendly, overall a great community. Ditch that long commute in NOVA and move to Radford! Radford is a small town, feels like home and has lots of trees and land and great views of the mountain. Take a nice drive and get away from the college and explore, you might find some amazing spots!

Is Radford University going virtual?

Please note that all Summer Session courses will remain online. The health, safety, and well-being of you and your fellow Highlanders remain our top priority. As a result, we are working diligently on contingency planning to account for continued developments based on analysis and research by public health experts.

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