What is the NCAA rushing record?

Rank Player Total rushing yards
1 Donnel Pumphrey 6,405
2 Ron Dayne 6,397
3 Ricky Williams 6,279
4 Jonathan Taylor 6,174

What is the most rushing yards in a college season?

Rushing yards per game, individual in a season

Record: 238.9, by Oklahoma State’s Barry Sanders in 1988.

How many colleges are 2000 yard rushers?

Since 1988, there have been 25 college football running backs to run for 2,000 yards in a season but does that workload curse them for the NFL? Since 1988, there have been 26 running backs to hit 2,000 yards rushing in a season.

What is the longest pass in NCAA history?

The NCAA record is also 99 yards. Derrick Gaffney of Florida caught a 99 yard TD pass from Cris Collinsworth against Rice in 1977. Troy Perkins of South Carolina caught a 99 yard TD pass from Dondrial Perkins against Virginia in 2003.

Who has the most interceptions in NCAA history?

With volume, however, comes increased opportunity for disaster. Chang also holds the NCAA career record for interceptions, with 80.

Who has the most rushing yards in high school history?

14 of the greatest single-season RB performances in high school…

  1. John Giannantonio, Netcong (now-defunct, Netcong, N.J.), 1950.
  2. Derrick Henry, Yulee (Yulee, Fla.), 2012. …
  3. Ken Hall, Sugar Land (now-defunct, Sugar Land, Texas), 1953. …
  4. Kazmeir Allen, Tulare Union (Tulare, Calif.), 2017. …
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What is the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season?

Rushing yards

Rank Player Rushing yards
1 Lamar Jackson 1,206
2 Michael Vick 1,039
3 Lamar Jackson 1,005
4 Bobby Douglass 968

Who is the best college running back of all time?

Hershel Walker is the Greatest College Football Running Back in History, and He Proved it in Just Three Seasons

  • Bo Jackson. Now let’s take a look at Jackson’s career stats. …
  • Archie Griffin. The next back that is brought up in the greatest running back of college football is Archie Griffin. …
  • Barry Sanders.

Who leads the SEC in rushing?

COLUMBIA, S.C. (TheBigSpur.com) – South Carolina sophomore Kevin Harris is the 2020 SEC regular season rushing champion.

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