What is an Ontario College Graduate Certificate?

An Ontario College Graduate Certificate will be given to graduates who complete a Ministry-approved Ontario College Graduate Certificate program. Duration: Programs are typically one to two years, or two to three semesters in length, consisting of no less than 600 hours of course instruction.

Is Ontario College Graduate Certificate equivalent to Masters?

1. No – a post-graduate course is not equivalent to a masters.

What is a Graduate Certificate equivalent to?

A graduate certificate (GradCert, GCert, GradC) is a higher education qualification at the same level as a bachelor’s degree but more limited in scope, taking less time to complete – normally between one third and two thirds of an academic year (or full-time equivalent).

What is Ontario Graduate Certificate equivalent?

The Canadian certificate program is usually a one year program that provides specific training in a particular area or discipline and usually follows a bachelors degree , but is on the same level as the bachelor’s degree.

What is the difference between Ontario College Certificate and Ontario Graduate Certificate?

In all cases, these Advanced Diplomas are teaching fundamental skills and basic theory about the profession in question, in the same way that an undergraduate degree focuses on breadth about a specific field. A Graduate Certificate requires you to already hold a relevant diploma or degree in order to be admitted to it.

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Is graduate certificate and PG Diploma same?

The postgraduate or PG diploma, on the other hand, is an academic qualification taken after bachelor’s degrees. … In Canada, you will find numerous graduate certificate programs and PG diploma courses to choose keeping your area of interest, educational background, skills, career objectives, etc. in mind.

What is the difference between graduate certificate and diploma in Canada?

At first glance, the key difference between a graduate certificate, graduate diploma and a master’s degree is the duration. Usually, a graduate certificate is six months of full-time study, a graduate diploma one year, and a master’s degree one to two years.

Is a graduate certificate worth anything?

If your primary motivation for considering earning a graduate certificate is a desire for higher pay, then you’re in luck: According to a report from Forbes, individuals can expect to receive an estimated 13 to 25 percent increase in salary after having earned a graduate certificate.

Is a graduate certificate better than a bachelor degree?

A master’s degree takes longer to complete and gives students a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of a specialization. … A graduate certificate provides useful skills and knowledge about a subject area at a more basic level and does not result in a degree.

Is a graduate certificate higher than a bachelor degree?

A Graduate Certificate is a more specialised qualification than a Bachelor’s degree. It is designed for people already working in their field or who have qualifications in that particular area, and who want to get more in-depth knowledge and advanced leadership skills.

What is the cheapest course to study in Canada?

Cheap Bachelor Degrees in Canada

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  2. Brandon University. Location: Brandon, Manitoba. …
  3. Université de Saint-Boniface. Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba. …
  4. University of Guelph. Location: Guelph, Ontario. …
  5. Canadian Mennonite University. Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba. …
  6. Memorial University of Newfoundland.
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