What is a co student?

Clearly by its structure, it would be used by a student to refer to another student at the same institution, but its use is certainly very uncommon. A synonym that is generally used would be the phrase “fellow student”. A classmate means someone who is in the same class, either the same year (senior, third year, etc.)

What is the meaning of CO student?

If it is the education part, then classmate or fellow student. if working, whether fulltime or not, then colleague or co-worker. In your particular instance, lab member, or group or team member, would also work. ‘costudent’ is not recommended, since it is not very common.

What does it mean fellow student?

noun. a student in the same school, university, college, etc as you.

Can I call my classmate colleague?

We can call such a person a “fellow”, a “peer”, or a “colleague”. “Classmate” would also be understood, but we use it for elementary up to high school age. In specific settings you can say “lab partner”, “roommate”, “buddy”. Also, if you were to say, “Oh, we’re fellow alumni at Duke,” that would be well understood.

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Are co students colleagues?

“My college colleagues” or “my colleagues at college” are people you work with at the said college. If you are a student, they are your classmates or student mates. No it isn’t, unless you are a teacher at the college. Colleagues is word that refers to the people you work with.

What’s another word for classmates?

What is another word for classmate?

friend companion
cohort colleague
compatriot contact
gabba roommate
offsider compeer

What is the Colorado student Grant?

About the Scholarship

This Colorado Student Grant (CSG) award is given to the qualified students with documented financial need, which is funded by the State of Colorado. The CSG aims at providing financial resources to the Colorado residents who would be unable to pursue their post-secondary education without any aid.

What do students call each other?

In most classroom situations, students call each other by first names. You may have a few older students in your class. To show respect, address these people by their last name (unless they ask you to use their first).

How do you address a student?

In most schools, students are called by their first name, unless there are two students with the same name in a class, or the student prefers their last name. Often, when a student is called by their last name, it means they are in trouble: “Mr.

What is the female version of fellow?

If you want a word with the same sort of archaic feel as fellow, “chapess” might do the job, although it’s both colloquial, and a neologism, as was as being more obviously paired with “chap”. Fellow in the context of an organization or group is gender neutral. Girl, woman or gal otherwise.

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What is difference between classmate and colleague?

As nouns the difference between classmate and colleague

is that classmate is student who is in the same class (in school) while colleague is a fellow member of a profession, staff, academic faculty or other organization; an associate.

What do you call college friends?

Originally Answered: What do you call someone who attends the same university as you? We can call such a person a “fellow”, a “peer”, or a “colleague”. “Classmate” would also be understood, but we use it for elementary up to high school age. In specific settings you can say “lab partner”, “roommate”, “buddy”.

Is it correct to say fellow colleagues?

A good example is “fellow classmate.” “Fellow” and “-mate” perform the same function. It’s better to say simply “classmate.” The same is true of the equally redundant “fellow shipmate,” “ fellow roommate,” “fellow co-worker,” “fellow comrade,” and “fellow colleague.”

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