What GPA do you need to get into El Camino College?

To be eligible for admission to UC the minimum GPA is 2.4 (2.8 for nonresidents) in transferable courses. Q. 9 What is an impacted or selective major? Impacted or selective majors are those for which the university receives more applications for admission than the campus can accommodate.

What is a passing grade at El Camino College?

Evaluative Symbols

A Excellent 4 points for each unit
D Passing, less than satisfactory 1 point for each unit
F Failing 0 points for each unit
P Pass, at least satisfactory (formerly C for Credit) See Note 1
NP No Pass, less than satisfactory (formerly NC for No Credit) See Note 1

Is El Camino a good college?

El Camino College is well-known for our academic excellence, our consistently high transfer rate to four-year colleges and universities, and our exceptional career training programs. … Excellent career training programs. Outstanding community education programs. Only $46 per unit for California residents.

Is Ad passing at El Camino College?

Pass is equal to a “C or higher” but does NOT count into your grade point average in most cases (see exceptions). No Pass is equal to a “D” or “F” course grade but it is not calculated in your grade point average in most cases (see exceptions).

How many times can you repeat a non repeatable class without college intervention What is the maximum number of times you can take a class?

Students may retake a non-repeatable course in which they have one unsuccessful attempt only once without college intervention.

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Is El Camino worth watching?

If you rightly have high expectations,El Camino will be a huge disappointment. But it’s still worth watching and you might just see some finer points that I totally missed. Breaking Bad was not just groundbreaking television.

Was El Camino a flop?

‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Broke 6.5 Million Viewers on Its Opening Weekend.

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