What division is Santa Fe College?

Former names Santa Fe Community College (1965–2008)
Campus Suburban
Colors Blue and white
Athletics NJCAA Region 8, Mid-Florida Conference
Nickname Saints

Is Santa Fe a good college?

Incredible programs, opportunities, and room to flourish. Santa Fe is a College meant for growth at whatever pace you may choose. It is an overall affordable, and smart decision when looking for Colleges in Florida to choose from. Santa Fe College has been an absolutely amazing college for me to attend!

Does Santa Fe College have sports?

Santa Fe College is home to five intercollegiate athletic teams. SF offers intercollegiate athletics for men (basketball and baseball) and women (basketball, fastpitch softball and volleyball). …

Is Santa Fe expensive?

Santa Fe is also “the city different,” with a high tourism population and many lucrative services for that population. Santa Fe real estate has always been expensive, but not egregiously so. If you want to live in the old part of Santa Fe, you will pay a premium, as there are only so many houses to be had.

Is Santa Fe a JUCO?

It is part of the Florida College System. Established in 1965 as “Santa Fe Junior College” by the Florida Legislature, it began offering classes in September 1966.

Santa Fe College.

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Former names Santa Fe Community College (1965–2008)
Athletics NJCAA Region 8, Mid-Florida Conference
Nickname Saints
Website www.sfcollege.edu

What GPA do you need to get into Santa Fe College?

High School students or student that have never attended college must provide official high school transcripts showing a minimum 2.0 GPA.

How hard is it to transfer from Santa Fe to UF?

SF College has an overall graduation/transfer rate of 62 percent, compared with the national average of 40 percent, and a 70 percent acceptance rate to the University of Florida for SF College graduates.

Can Santa Fe students join UF clubs?

Santa Fe students can participate in some UF activities and many do. UF Athletic Association features Santa Fe College nights when SF students get tickets to select sporting events.

Does Santa Fe College have a volleyball team?

August 25, 2018 – Volleyball Santa Fe College Volleyball Goes Undefeated in Campus USA/Santa Fe College Classic The Santa Fe College volleyball team completed an undefeated weekend with wins over Palm Beach State and Daytona State.

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