Quick Answer: Who is the old guy cheering for UCLA?

Jack Hirsch (born 1941 or 1942) is an American former college basketball player for the UCLA Bruins.

Who is the old guy in the stands at UCLA basketball game?

That man is John Wooden. When UCLA, the school where Wooden made his name as a legendary coach, saw its NCAA tournament destination, Purdue, the university where Wooden was once the most dominant college basketball player in the country, seemed like a perfect location.

Is Mick Cronin married?

Who coaches UCLA?

Who is Baylor’s basketball coach?

Who coaches Michigan basketball?

How much is coach K net worth?

$90 million

He likely pads his salary every year with $1-2 million in endorsement and speaking deals. That explains Mike Krzyzewski’s current net worth of $45 million, which easily makes him the richest college basketball coach in the world and one of the richest sports coaches in history, period.

Who is Eric Musselman wife?

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