Question: Why should I go to Rider University?

Students are at the heart of everything that happens at Rider. It’s a unique environment dedicated to giving students the self-confidence, skills and strong foundation essential for professional and personal success. Students come to Rider from 39 states and more than 60 countries.

Is Rider University a party school?

First of all, Rider is NOT a party school, it’s a backpack college, where everyone leaves for weekends. So if you looking for Big parties and constant fun go to Rutgers or Temple. Rider is a small school so there is that “de ja vu” feeling of high school.

Is Rider University a hard school?

Overall, the academics are hard, but if they weren’t it wouldn’t be college. And occasionally, on Monday’s, you might find a professor or 2 at the Rider PUB where u can hang out and have a beer with them, which makes learning more fun anytime!

Is Rider University in financial trouble?

Rider University reported approximately $89 million in outstanding debt in 2020, the analysts said. … Rider officials said the coronavirus pandemic exacerbated the school’s financial challenges. But they have a plan to get the university back on track.

Is rider a backpack school?

Definitely a backpack school. If you’re looking for quality, look elsewhere. Rider has been outstanding in helping me accomplish my academic goals. … The school has been very accommodating throughout the pandemic by offering pass/fail option, extra financial support, and comprehensive support staff.

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Is Rider University religious?


Rider University respects students of all faith traditions, and supports opportunities for spiritual and faith exploration and commitment.

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