Question: What ACT score do you need for Mgccc?

You will need at least an 18 on your ACT for admission to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is still requiring high school applicants to take the ACT or the SAT. The school does not have a preference for one test over the other.

What is the admissions deadline for Mgccc?

The submission deadline for all required admission documents is July 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester. International students are not accepted during the summer semester.

What information is needed for the scholarship application at Mgccc?

The minimum application criterion is a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) and student must be enrolled in and complete 15 credit hours each semester. Scholarship amounts will be $1000 per award. Students can receive a $500 renewal scholarship if they sustain a 3.0 or higher GPA.

How do I send my transcripts to Mgccc?

Official Transcripts

  1. Go to Web Services.
  2. Log In.
  3. Click the “Student” tab.
  4. Click “Student Records”
  5. Click “Request Official Transcript”

Where do I send my transcripts to Mgccc?

Compliance is coordinated by the Associate Vice President of Administration, P.O. Box 609, Perkinston, Mississippi 39573, telephone number 601-928-6672, email address

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