How many dorms does American University have?

Does American University have single dorms?

Single rooms are in limited supply. Students who are seeking a single room as a disability accommodation should reach out to the Academic Support and Access Center (www. american. edu/asac).

Is American University a party school?

American is not by any means a big party school- we are a dry campus, even if you are 21 and living on campus. Generally there is one or two parties per weekend night, but because we are dry, all parties are off campus which can make it a hassle to get to sometimes.

Where do you live if you go to American University?

Most DC students live in these areas:

  • 1) 20016: Tenley/Cathedral Heights (62%)
  • 2) 20008: Van Ness/Cleveland Park (11%)
  • 3) 20007: Glover Park/Georgetown (7%)

Is American University housing guaranteed?

American University Off-Campus Housing

While on-campus housing is guaranteed for first- and second-year undergraduate students, many upper-class AU students, as well as graduate and Washington College of Law students, live off campus in the DC-metropolitan area.

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