How many community colleges are HSIs?

362 TOTAL HSIs in 38 STATES.

How many HSIs are in Texas?

According to the most recent data available (2018-19), in Texas, • There are 96 Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs).

How many HSIs are in California?

The California State University is the largest system of senior higher education in the country, with 23 campuses, 474,600 undergraduate and graduate students, and 49,000 faculty and staff. To learn more about the CSU and our partnerships in the Hispanic community visit us at

Is UT Austin An HSI?

September 2020 — UT Austin becomes HSI eligible. Hispanic enrollment crosses the 25% threshold for the first time.

How do I become a HSI?

U.S. citizens that are under 37* years of age are elgible to apply for this position. Depending on the grade level for which you are applying, you must have criminal investigative or law enforcement experience, a bachelor’s degree, or a combination of experience and education to meet minimum qualifications.

How many Csus are HSIs?

HSIs by the Numbers

According to Excelencia in Education, a nationally recognized and trusted resource on Latino educational achievement, reports that in 2018-2019, there were 539 institutions in 27 U.S. states and Puerto Rico that met the enrollment definition of HSI.

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How many HSIs are in the US?

362 TOTAL HSIs in 38 STATES.

Which school in the US requires the highest average composite ACT score?

Below is a list of the 1234 colleges in the United States with the highest ACT Score for incoming freshmen. California Institute of Technology tops the list with an average ACT Score of 35. Alternatively, check out the SAT version of these rankings.

Why are Hispanic Serving Institutions good?

To expand educational opportunities for; and improve the academic attainment of Hispanic students; and. Expand and enhance the academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability of the colleges and universities that educate the majority of Hispanic students.

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