How many college students are in Halifax?

The six universities—Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s, Mount St. Vincent, University of King’s College, NSCAD University and the Atlantic School of Theology—have about 23,000 full-time students and another 7,000 attend school part-time.

How many students are in Halifax?

HRCE by the numbers:*

Elementary schools 83
Students, Primary to Grade 6 26,911
Students, Grades 7 to 9 11,217
Students, Grades 10 to 12 12,548
Total staff 11,500 (approx.)

How many students are in Nova Scotia university?


University Full-time Undergraduate Province
University of King’s College 803 Nova Scotia
University of Lethbridge 7,516 Alberta
University of Manitoba 22,703 Manitoba
University of New Brunswick 7,159 New Brunswick

Is Halifax a student city?

Its 155 students are largely mature students and help replenish the pulpits throughout Atlantic Canada. Halifax is also home to the Nova Scotia Community College, which provides vocational training for 25,000 students in 13 campuses across the province.

Is Nova Scotia good for international students?

While studying in Nova Scotia, you will experience a recreational paradise along with rich academic tradition and innovation. This province holds excellence in education perfectly combined with a relaxed lifestyle, making it one of the most preferred study abroad destinations for international students.

Is Kings College Halifax good?

The University of King’s College is a small and immersive liberal arts university located in vibrant Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are best known for excellent humanities, journalism, and interdisciplinary science and music programs.

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