How many college freshmen are there?

From within this cohort, the number of first-time freshmen in post-secondary fall enrollment was 2.90 million in 2019, divided between 4-year colleges (1.29 million attending public institutions and 0.59 million attending private) and 2-year colleges (approx 0.95 million public; 0.05 million private).

What percentage of college students are under 21?

Age Distribution Among College Students, Fall 2017

Nearly 60 percent of undergraduates were ages 21 and under, and only 16 percent were ages 30 and older in the fall of 2017.

Are less students going to college 2020?

The eighth annual “High School Benchmarks” report from the National Student Clearinghouse found that, as of Nov. … 16, college enrollments dropped by 6.8 percent—more than quadrupling the pre-pandemic rate of decline, a pattern magnified based on poverty level.

How many kids are in k12?

K-12 School Enrollment

Overall enrollment in kindergarten through 12th grade in 2018 was 53.1 million, compared with 53.7 million enrolled in 2011. Enrollment in K-12 private schools was 4.4 million in 2018, not statistically different from the level in 2009, after having fallen by 20% from 2000 to 2009.

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