How do I get student discount on tidal?

Is there a tidal student discount?

Students are eligible for a 50% student discount from TIDAL on their streaming music services. College students can choose a TIDALPremium plan for only $4.99/month or TIDALHiFi for $9.99/month. You’ll have access to more than 57 million songs and 230,000 videos, and it’s all ad-free.

How do you get a tidal student plan?

To signup for a discounted plan, go to and begin creating an account. After entering your basic information, you will be prompted to select your subscription type. Here you can choose between Premium or HiFi and then select the Student discount.

How do I get tidal student discount uk?

Tidal has partnered with online verification service SheerID to create a sign-up process for all accredited university and college students to offer them the Premium tier for £4.99 per month, and the HiFi subscription for £9.99 per month.

How do I qualify for student discount?

Anyone over 16 years old studying at a university, sixth form or college in the UK can join UNiDAYS, To get the student discount, simply go to their website and fill in the quick registration form with an academic email address (including ‘’.)

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Is Tidal better than Spotify?

Tidal is more expensive than Spotify but has higher quality audio. … Tidal HiFi offers lossless, high bitrate audio files, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and Dolby Atmos Music in addition to everything Tidal Premium offers. Both Premium and HiFi offer family subscriptions which allow up to six accounts.

Is Tidal HiFi worth it?

Tidal HiFi and Tidal Masters

Tidal’s $19.95 per month HiFi plan is expensive when compared to rival services, but you may find that it’s worth the cash, if you value audio quality. Here’s why: Tidal’s more than 25 million music streams can sound significantly better than rival companies’ streams.

Which is better Apple music or Tidal?

If you’re not interested in taking advantage of lossless audio, ‌Apple Music‌ streams 256kbps AAC files across the board. Historically, Tidal has catered to the audiophile more than any other music service. Tidal subscribers on both Premium and HiFi plans can choose between Normal and High quality streams.

How do I get Tidal quality master?

When you are in the TIDAL desktop application, go to “Home” and scroll to “Master Quality Authenticated Albums” or “Master Quality Authenticated Playlists” and click “View all.” To get the best quality go to “Settings”, select “Streaming” and choose “Master” quality.

What’s the difference between Tidal HiFi and premium?

The streams on Premium use lossy compression with a bit rate of 320kbps, the same as Spotify Premium. This compares to the original standard bit rate for digital music (CD) of 1440kbps. Tidal HiFi uses lossless compression (FLAC) which retains all of the original data of a 1440 kbps stream.

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How much is tidal A month UK?

Tidal Premium or HiFi: three months for FREE

Now it’s free for three months. Normally you would be paying £9.99 per month ($9.99, AU$11.99) for Tidal Premium or £19.99 ($19.99, AU$23.99) for Tidal HiFi.

How much is tidal Family Plan UK?

TIDAL Premium Family – £19.99/month or £3.33/month Split 6 Ways.

How does tidal verify military?

TIDAL is honored to offer a 40% discount to all who are serving or have served in the US Military. Each new sign up will receive a 30-day free trial after which the discounted rate will apply. … All users applying for discounted plans will need to verify their eligibility. Verification is done through Sheer ID.

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