How do I get my ACT score report?

Once you log in to your account, click on the SCORES link at the top of the page. Then click on the date of the test, this will open the score report. Currently a PDF version of the score report is not available in MyACT.

How do I get a copy of my ACT scores?

Request Your Scores

  1. Online: If you have your ACT online account information handy, you can log in to access your scores. …
  2. By phone: Order scores by phone by calling 319-337-1270. …
  3. By mail: Download the request form and send it to ACT Student Services: Score Reports, P.O. Box 451, Iowa City, IA 52243-0451.

How can I see my ACT score report?

How can I see my scores? When available, your scores are posted online and accessed using your MyACT account. ACT Customer Support cannot provide your scores by phone, email, chat, or fax. Multiple choice scores are normally available two weeks after each national test date, but it can sometimes take up to eight weeks.

Are ACT score reports free?

Send Your Scores for Free

You can send four score reports for free for each ACT test you take. You choose the schools you’d like to send your scores to during the registration process, and your scores are automatically sent to them after your test is scored. There are pros and cons to this option.

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How can I get my ACT scores for free?

While you can get a fee waiver for the test itself, there is no way to send score reports for free beyond the four you get with registration. Since ACT, Inc. treats each test date as a separate report, it can cost a lot of money to send all of your test scores to multiple colleges.

Is a 21 GOOD ON ACT?

Is a 21 a good ACT score? A score of 21 is a little better than average. It places you in the top 57th percentile nationally out of the 2 million test takers of the ACT entrance exam. … If a 21 isn’t strong enough to get into your dream school, consider taking a test prep course to see if you can raise your score.

Is 23 a good ACT score?

The highest possible score on the ACT is 36. A score of 23 on the ACT is above the current national average and will make you a strong applicant at many universities, but it may fall below the average score for accepted students at more selective colleges. …

Do ACT scores expire?

Can I submit my old scores? SAT and ACT scores do not expire. However, SAT tests that are more than five years old are sent with a supporting document explaining that the scores may no longer be valid due to the age of the test, especially since both tests undergo renewal and changes with relative frequency.

What is a good ACT score 2020?

Good ACT Score #1: The “Above Average” ACT Score

ACT Section 2020-2021 Average Score
English 20.1
Math 20.4
Reading 21.2
Science 20.6
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How much does it cost to send ACT scores 2020?

If you want to send your ACT score report to additional schools beyond the initial free four, the fee is $13 per school. 3. If you’re eligible for an ACT fee waiver (ask your school counselor), you can send your scores to up to 20 colleges for free.

How do I get an ACT waiver?

How Do I Apply For a Fee Waiver?

  1. Check with your school counselor to see if you are eligible to apply.
  2. Once your school counselor determines if you are eligible, you can receive up to four fee waivers to take the ACT test for free and you will receive free learning resources.
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