Frequent question: What percentage of US college students study abroad?

The number of students studying abroad has grown steadily over the last 25 years. IIE estimates that about 10.9 percent of all undergraduates (including community college students), and 16 percent of all students enrolled in baccalaureate programs, study abroad at some point during their degree program.

How many US college students study abroad?

Nationally, the number of U.S. students studying abroad for credit during the 2018-2019 academic year grew 1.6 percent from 341,751 students to 347,099 students.

U.S. Students Abroad.

Host Region Europe
2015-2016 54.4%
2016-2017 54.4%
2017-2018 54.9%
2018-2019 55.7%

What percentage of American university students study abroad?

Our student body is cosmopolitan and globally diverse, with all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 130 countries represented. Sixteen percent of undergraduates and 13 percent of graduate students are international.

How many Americans study abroad a year?

U.S. study abroad continues to grow in the United States, with 332,727 Americans studying abroad for academic credit at their home institutions during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Where do most American students study abroad?

The top ten destinations for U.S. students studying abroad were: United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, China, Ireland, Australia, Costa Rica, and Japan. Cuba had the highest rate of growth among leading destinations in 2015/16, increasing by 58.6 percent.

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What are the top three fields of study for students studying abroad?

Most popular fields of study for U.S. students studying abroad in the academic year 2018/19

Characteristic Number of students studying abroad
Social Sciences 59,158
Physical and Life Sciences 28,197
Health professions 24,574
Foreign Language & International studies 23,833

Is American University a party school?

American is not by any means a big party school- we are a dry campus, even if you are 21 and living on campus. Generally there is one or two parties per weekend night, but because we are dry, all parties are off campus which can make it a hassle to get to sometimes.

How many black students study abroad?

According to Institute of International Education, only 5.6 percent of students studying abroad are black. While this statistic represents the current status of diversity in study abroad programs, you shouldn’t shy away from making the most of this life-enhancing opportunity.

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