Frequent question: How does pear deck work for students?

How does Pear Deck help students?

Pear Deck Slides help you engage every student in every seat and give formative assessments, no matter what grade or subject you teach. Pear Deck supports an interactive and community-focused classroom that helps students build confidence and comprehension.

How do students use Pear Deck slides?

Share your screen with an interactive Pear Deck presentation. Students join the presentation in a separate tab (or in a window side-by-side with the video call). Students follow along with the presentation and interact with the slides. You talk through the presentation on the video call.

Do students need the Pear Deck add on?


Students/participants do not need to create a Pear Deck account. But presenters can require participants to join the Session with an email address or have them join anonymously before presenting.

Is Pear Deck safe for students?

Transparent policies. Pear Deck is designed for use in schools, and we are committed to the highest standards of protection for student data and personally identifiable information (“PII”) at all times.

Can I use pear deck with zoom?

Start a video call with a service like Zoom, for example. … In your video call, click Share or Share your screen. Select the screen with the Pear Deck Projector View to share through your video call. Ask students to join the call.

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Can I annotate on Pear Deck?

Talk to Text‘ to Build Meaning: Part of the drag and drop feature includes the ability for students to put a dot on an image. Use this feature to annotate a text or question. The easiest way to do this is to take a screenshot of the text and make it the background of the student slide.

How can I get a free Pear Deck?

To make sure all teachers can have Pear Deck in their teaching tool kit, we’ve opened up access to all of Pear Deck’s Premium features. Start a trial of Pear Deck Premium today, for free.

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