Frequent question: Does Valencia College have a mascot?

Former names Valencia Junior College Valencia Community College
Mascot Matador

Does Valencia College have sports?

Valencia Intramural Sports offers a wide variety of programs, sports leagues and tournaments.

Is Valencia College having in person classes?

locations. Take classes day, night or weekend at any of our campus locations or online.

Does UCF own Valencia College?

Valencia has joined with the University of Central Florida (UCF) in a unique agreement, known as DirectConnectTM to UCF, that provides students with increased access to Bachelor’s degrees.

What GPA is required for Valencia?

What GPA do you need to get into Valencia College? Valencia College’s average GPA is 3.15. Valencia College does require GPA.

Does Valencia College have clubs?

Valencia offers more than 60 groups, clubs and organizations, including clubs for movie, book, art and animal lovers, clubs for African-American, Latino, Caribbean and Muslim students, career interest groups, student government and Valencia Volunteers.

Is Valencia Spain safe?

Visitors should relax while in Valencia: Although the city sees its fair share of petty theft, for the most part it’s very safe.

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