Frequent question: Can students use pear deck without signing in?

If you’re teaching in a classroom where some students have Google and others have Microsoft logins, this is the feature you need to use Pear Deck with your whole class! You can enjoy a classroom of engaged students where everyone has the opportunity to participate, no logging in necessary.

Do students have to download Pear Deck to use it?

Learn more here. Students do not need a Pear Deck account to join Sessions and respond to interactive questions. Pear Deck is a great fit for schools that use Google Apps for Education or Microsoft 365 for Education!

Can students use Pear Deck independently?

Overview. Pear Deck is often used to engage students in a lesson in real time. But with Student Paced Mode, you can allow students to join any presentation Session independently and work through your slides at their own pace, on their own time!

How do students access Pear Deck?

To join the presentation, your students: Go to Enter the five-letter Join Code from your Session at Alternatively, you can post or email the Session link that you get when you click Give Students a Link (see step #1 above) and students can simply click on it to join your Session.

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How can I get a free Pear Deck?

To make sure all teachers can have Pear Deck in their teaching tool kit, we’ve opened up access to all of Pear Deck’s Premium features. Start a trial of Pear Deck Premium today, for free.

Can I use Pear Deck with zoom?

Start a video call with a service like Zoom, for example. … In your video call, click Share or Share your screen. Select the screen with the Pear Deck Projector View to share through your video call. Ask students to join the call.

Can I assign Pear Deck as homework?

Pear Deck for Homework: Start your Student-Paced Session. On the Pear Deck Home Page, Click your picture. Click the three little dots in the lower right corner. Type your Instructions, and paste the link here to your Pear Deck.

How do you save a student on Pear Deck?

Open your Sessions (OR go to the Present a File section and click on a File Name to open the menu). Open the More Actions (3-dot) button next to the Session you want to export. If the Session status is Live, click End Session to close it first. Click Export to Spreadsheet.

How do students see feedback in Pear Deck?

The Feedback Button appears in the bottom right corner of your Student View with an unread message notification. Click Mark as Read to remove the notification – your feedback will be saved! In a Student Paced Session, you see the Feedback Button on every slide if there is any feedback for you in the Session at all.

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Is Pear Deck an app?

Pear Deck works on any device and in any browser, and seamlessly integrates with Google and Microsoft Apps for Education. Other solutions require schools to buy and manage your storage and file sizes. With Pear Deck all your lessons stay in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive — no limits ever.

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