Do I need a Levels for Open University?

For most of The Open University’s undergraduate degrees no formal qualifications are required, and no entry test is required to study with us. For postgraduate degrees, an undergraduate degree equivalent to the relevant UK qualification is required.

Can you do an OU degree without A levels?

For most undergraduate degrees no formal qualifications are required, and you don’t need to pass an entry test to study with us. What you do need is a certain level of English, and to have access to the relevant technology.

Does the Open university accept anyone?

Our Open qualifications programme is one of the most flexible programmes of study in the UK, letting you build a qualification that’s unique for you. It is also the UK’s only truly “open” degree: there are no entry requirements and has the UK’s largest choice of subjects to study in any combination.

Does Open university offer A levels?

Online A Level courses | Distance Learning | Open Study College.

Why dont you need qualifications for Open university?

1) Because the Open Uni is designed to be accessible. The lack of entry requirements doesn’t mean that it’s an easier or less valuable degree, however – it requires dedication and hard work, just like at a brick uni. 2) OU courses are classified as part-time, at least in Scotland, even if you study 120 credits a year.

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Is an Open University degree respected?

As a top-rated academic institution, the Open University’s degrees are respected by employers. In fact, 75 per cent of the top 100 FTSE companies have sponsored their staff on these courses. … Since the outset, the Open University has not asked for any formal qualifications to enter undergraduate-level study.

What is a Level 1 Open University equivalent?

Level of difficulty graded as Access or OU level 1, 2 and 3 (equivalent to FHEQ levels 4, 5 and 6, SCQF levels 7, 8, 9 and 10 respectively).

Is it worth doing Open University?

Originally Answered: Is it worth it to do an Open University (OU) course? Yes it is. Their courses are very well structured. You receive everything you need for the course in a bundle.

What are the disadvantages of Open University?

Disadvantages of the Open University

1) You don’t have as much physical contact to build relationships with peers. This is slightly contrary to the previous advantage but of course less tutorials or classes means less physical meetups with students and sessions where the tutor fleshes things out in person.

Is an Open University degree as good as a normal degree?

There is no difference. Your degree qualification would only be viewed differently if you studied a different course, if you studied with another university, or if you achieved a different award classification (e.g. a first class honours compared to an upper second class honours).

Can you do A-Levels for free?

A-Level courses are provided for free to students aged 16 to 18 in the UK. All they have to pay to get their A-Levels are a symbolic fee for taking their final exams, which at maximum can be £100. … Note that there are some particular circumstances at which colleges may consider a partial or a complete fee waiver.

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Can you take A-Levels for free?

If you don’t already have GCSEs, A levels or equal qualifications, you may be able to study for them without having to pay any tuition fees. You’ll be able to get free tuition: for a course which leads to your first full Level 2 qualification.

Is Open University better than regular university?

Open Degree Vs Regular Degree

Type It is open to all without any proper previous regular education.
Colleges In an open degree education system, there is no provision of the affiliated colleges and they comprise only study centers & institutes.
Portal for students