Can students see other students responses in pear deck?

Yes! Open the private Teacher Dashboard (a Premium feature) on your own computer screen or a separate device to see student responses and names privately. Responses always appear in the Dashboard, even if you aren’t showing responses on the Projector.

Can students see each others responses in Pear Deck?

Pear Deck collects your students’ responses in real time and saves them automatically in the Session where they were collected. You can show responses to your class on the Projector View, and view them in the private Teacher Dashboard (with Premium) in real time or after you end the Session.

How do students see comments in Pear Deck?

In a Student Paced Session, you see the Feedback Button on every slide if there is any feedback for you in the Session at all. In an Instructor Paced Session, you see the Feedback Button if there’s feedback for you on the current slide.

How do you share responses on Pear Deck?

Export Responses from the Sessions menu

  1. Go to Pear Deck Home.
  2. Open your Sessions (OR go to the Present a File section and click on a File Name to open the menu).
  3. Open the More Actions (3-dot) button next to the Session you want to export. …
  4. Click Export to Spreadsheet.
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Can two teachers use Pear Deck at the same time?

You can add as many co-teachers to a Session as you wish, and you can revoke access at any time as well. It’s important to note that both the host teacher and co-teachers will need to have Pear Deck Premium to use this feature.

Can students record themselves on Pear Deck?

Introducing Add Audio to Pear Deck Lessons! Our new Add Audio feature lets you record or upload audio files to lessons and enables students to listen to those clips from their own devices. This opens in a new window.

How do I share my Pear Deck with students?

Here’s how:

  1. Start your Pear Deck Lesson.
  2. Open the Dashboard View.
  3. In the Dashboard, click on the blue Roster button, located in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. In the Roster, click Invite Your Classroom.
  5. Choose the Google Classroom section you want to invite.
  6. As students join, their names light up.

Do students need to download Pear Deck?

Learn more here. Students do not need a Pear Deck account to join Sessions and respond to interactive questions. Pear Deck is a great fit for schools that use Google Apps for Education or Microsoft 365 for Education!

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