Can students respond to each other on Google classroom?

Classwork. Question. Enter the question and any instructions. For short-answer questions, students can edit their answer and reply to each other.

Can students reply to each other in Google Classroom?

You can use the previous option to click on one individual student to have a discussion with them. Go to your “Classwork” tab in Google Classroom. Click the “Create” button and choose “Question.” … Allow students to reply to each other or edit their original answer.

Can students communicate with each other in Google Classroom?

How can students communicate with each other in Google Classroom? In addition to assigning and grading work, Google Classroom allows you to communicate with students via email. It’s also possible for parents and guardians to receive email summaries to keep them informed of current and upcoming events.

Why can’t students answer each other in Google Classroom?

The classroom settings must be such that “students can comment”. Otherwise they can’t, in the question post, even if you have the “can reply to each other” setting turned on!

How do I message a student in Google Classroom?

Email another student

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account. …
  2. Click the student’s class.
  3. Click People.
  4. Next to the student’s name, click Email . Note: If you don’t see Email. …
  5. In the new email, enter a subject and your message. click Send.
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How do you see students answers on Google Classroom?

Grade and return question answers

  1. Go to and click Sign In. …
  2. Click the class. …
  3. Click the question. …
  4. On the Student answers page, you can see the number and names of students grouped by work status: …
  5. To see a student’s answer, at the left, click a student’s name.

How do you find classmates on Google Classroom?

How can I check my classmates? How to check my classmates. If you are interested in seeing a listing of Teachers and students in your class sign into Google Classroom and Click the People Tab. Do share if there are further questions.

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