Can I change university after 1st year Btech?

Yes, you may change your Engineering college after completion of the first year.

Can I change my college after 1st year of Btech?

No , U can not change your college after 1st year . If u really want to change to other college then u have to start newly in another college by admitting in 1st year .

Can we change one university after my first year?

Yes, you can change the University after first year. There should not be any backlog in 1st year plus you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the University where you are migrating. Course mapping is also one in the case of migration.

Can I quit engineering after 1st year?

Yes, you can withdraw your name from engineering without paying the fee. You have to ask your college admission staff to give you back your submitted documents. … You have to ask your college admission staff to give you back your submitted documents.

Can I change my university after 1st semester?

Yes you are free to change the college after first year.

Can a student transfer from one university to another?

You can not go to higher class in another university after passing 1st year. If you want to change your university, you must take No Objection Certificate from the former university. … So, you need to take a cautious step before you take a step of switching over from one university to other one.

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Can I leave college after 1st year?

It is ur choice to continue in the college or No. If u don’t like the college then u can drop out from it and choose an other one. But there are the norms which u should fulfill to drop out from the particular college…. … U have to get ur certificates to leave the college,if u have submitted them.

What happens if I get no university offers?

If you decline the offer, or you don’t get a decision within 21 days, you can add another choice. It might take universities and colleges longer than 21 days to reply – they have until midnight on 12 July to make their decisions, but it’s up to you whether you want to wait or replace them with a different choice.

Do year back students get job?

Yes of course ,but one should never give up fist of all some companies have some policy like that make such student not eligible to attend there recruitment . But there are companies which don’t bother about it after all after the experience no one is going to ask you about past.

Can I drop engineering?

Its perfectly ok to drop out of engineering.

Can college keep original certificates?

BENGALURU: In a big relief to doctors, the Karnataka High Court has ruled that no college/university has the authority to retain original documents of any individual or students. These documents include mark sheets or degree certificates.

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