Can a landlord refuse to rent to someone on universal credit?

If a Landlord or a Lettings Agent advertises a property to rent saying that ‘the Landlord will not accept anyone who is in receipt of benefits’, may find themselves in breach of the law and face fines. The law does not allow a person who is in receipt of universal credit, to become a victim of discrimination.

Can landlords refuse tenants on Universal Credit?

There is no law that specifically says a private landlord cannot refuse a property to a tenant who will be claiming benefits. However, it is very possible that a blanket policy of refusing to let to tenants in receipt of benefits will be viewed as indirect discrimination.

Do landlords take tenants on Universal Credit?

Landlords will be consulted before their tenants are moved onto direct payments. And under Universal Credit a tenant’s rent can sometimes be paid direct to the landlord – this is known as an Alternative Payment Arrangement.

Can landlords refuse DSS 2021?

(And why tenants on benefit may be a better bet anyway). Tenants have been complaining for years about landlords and letting agents who refuse to even consider them as tenants as soon as they discover they are in receipt of benefits.

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Can landlords specify no pets?

Landlords can still stop tenants from keeping pets but must offer a reasonable excuse for refusal in writing within 28 days of the tenant’s request. Reasonable excuses would include a ban in smaller homes or flats where owning a pet might be impractical, said the minister.

Why do some landlords not accept DSS?

2. Landlords no longer receive rent directly. At one point in time, DSS tenants were somewhat sought after by private Landlords because the council would pay the rent directly to the Landlord, meaning the rent was reliable. Unfortunately, that changed a few years ago – tenants now directly receive rent.

Do Universal Credit Check your bank account?

People on Universal Credit could find their bank accounts and even their social media monitored this Christmas if they are accused of fraud. … The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has reserved the right to monitor bank accounts and social media if it needs to, the Express reports.

Do you have to pay council tax on Universal Credit?

Your Universal Credit award does not include any help with council tax. … If you are entitled to full help, this can cover up to 100 per cent of your council tax bill. Help with housing costs. You may be able to receive a Universal Credit housing costs element to help with your rent or service charges.

Can Universal Credit be backdated?

Backdating your Universal Credit

You can apply to get a Universal Credit payment to cover up to 1 month before you started your claim – this is called ‘backdating’. You’ll need a good reason for not claiming earlier – if you’re in a couple, you’ll both need a good reason.

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Do I have to tell landlord about DSS?

A tenant does not need to tell you that they have claimed benefit. We can only discuss a benefit claim with a landlord if the tenant has given his or her permission for this to be done.

What does no DSS mean when renting a house?

“DSS” refers to the Department of Social Security (closed in 2001) which administered state benefits. In housing terms, when “No DSS” is used, it means that tenants who claim state benefits e.g. Universal Credit, housing benefit, etc will be rejected by the landlord/agent.

Are DSS tenants good?

The advantages. Despite the system not making it easy for landlords, it’s definitely possible to have a very successful renting relationship with DSS tenants and many landlords do. … Regardless of whether your tenants receive housing benefits or not, there will always be the risk of them not being able to pay their rent.

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