Best answer: Can students create books in book creator?

You’ll need to toggle that on to allow students to create a new book. Do your students need help with making a book? Watch our video tutorial for students, or take a look at our article on making your first book.

Is Book Creator only for students?

We have two versions of our app – Book Creator online, for use with teachers and students only, and Book Creator for iPad, which can be used by anyone. … Once you’re signed into Book Creator online, you’ll want to either create a new book or copy a book/template that your teacher has assigned to you.

How do you make a library in book creator If you are a student?

Creating another library

Click on the Teacher Dashboard icon in the top toolbar (the 3 lines in the far left of the toolbar). This will bring up the Teacher Dashboard, like below. Find the Create a new library button and click it. You‘ll need to give the new library a name, and you‘ll see the optional library settings.

Can students collaborate in book creator?

Students Can Work Together with Book Creator’s Collaboration Feature. … With Book Creator on Chrome, students on a Chrome web browser can create their own ebooks. Then they can easily share it with their teacher.

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How many books can I create in book creator?

Anyone on the 1,000 book plan can now create unlimited libraries. We’re really pleased to announce this latest update to Book Creator, which allows you to create as many libraries as you like! Up until now, you could create 10 libraries with 100 books in each.

Is Book Creator app free?

Book Creator online

Teachers can create a free account at and we’ll give you 1 library and 40 books. There’s no cost per student, and there’s no limit on the number of students that can join a teacher’s library. … The 1,000 plan costs $10/month or $120/year per teacher.

Can you add music to Book Creator?

You can add a soundtrack to your whole book or selected page spreads, which will play automatically as your book is read. … Soundtracks are great for background music, or ambient sound effects such as rainfall. To add a soundtrack tap on the i button on the toolbar to access the Page Inspector and the…

How do I share my library in Book Creator?

In January 2019 we launched a new feature allowing you to publish whole libraries online.

3. Choose the privacy settings

  1. Only people with the link – this will create a link to your library that you can share with people. …
  2. Only people with the link and password – Add a password of your choice to protect the library.

Is Book Creator available on Android?

Our online app works on Android and Windows devices. … This works on all devices, including Android tablets and Windows PCs and laptops. This Chrome app means Book Creator is finally truly cross-platform, with all the features of our iPad app now available on any device.

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Why is book creator not working?

If you tablet is too small (or you try to go to on a mobile phone) you will see the message ‘Device not supported’. Book Creator will only work on devices with a screen resolution greater than 600px wide and 570px high.

How do I publish a book on book creator?

With Book Creator 5.1, you can now publish your books and make them available on the web. It’s ludicrously simple. Just tap the export icon beneath your book, and instead of choosing ePub, PDF or video, choose ‘Publish online‘.

How do I add students to book creator?

Once you’ve created a library, you can invite others to it by sharing your library code. To get your library code the easiest way is to click on Show invite code for others to join link that you’ll see in the centre of the screen, just below the toolbar.

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