Where is Ashworth College based?

Ashworth College is based in Norcross, GA. The school was founded in 1987, offering a single distance-education course in real estate. From there, the school grew to offer other programs in a variety of disciplines.

Is Ashworth a real college?

Ashworth is accredited by the national Distance Education Accrediting Commission. The college doesn’t participate in federal aid or loan programs. It boasts that “93 percent of students report achieving their goals after completing their studies and students graduate without student loan debt.”

Who owns Ashworth College?

Is Ashworth College recognized by employers?

Our answer is a resounding yes! Our national accreditation attests to our legitimacy, but what this question is probably really getting at is if your degree will be recognized by future employers.

Is Ashworth owned by Penn Foster?

SCRANTON, PA and NORCROSS, GA (February 6, 2019) — Penn Foster, which partners with leading employers to attract, develop, and retain talent for middle-skill jobs, today announced its acquisition of Ashworth College, an accredited online institution offering degree and certificate programs in fast-growing fields, as …

Is Ashworth College a degree mill?

For starters, Ashworth College www.ashworthcollege.com is not a degree mill. Yes, it is owned by Professional Career Development Institute, which is famous for their mid-day television advertisements about get your high school diploma at home, or your career diploma, or your associate’s.

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Can you claim Ashworth College on your taxes?

No, students shouldn’t claim their Ashworth tuition payments on their federal or state tax returns. Because we do not participate in the United States Department of Education student aid programs, we are not an eligible institution for students to claim or qualify for various tax credits.

Which one is better Penn Foster vs Ashworth?

Both of these schools are nationally accredited institutions. However, Penn Foster has an advantage over Ashworth. Penn Foster is DETC (Distance Education and Training Council), and ACE (American Council on Education) recognized.

Is Ashworth College website down?

The Student Portal is currently down. Students enrolled in our career courses will not be affected.

Is Ashworth College the same as Penn Foster?

To retain talent for middle-skill jobs, Penn Foster, an online learning provider, will take over Ashworth College.

Is Ashworth College good for HVAC?

Ashworth College, one of the leading accredited online colleges, now offers Heating and Air Conditioning training among its growing list of certified programs. … “The career opportunities are high for a certified HVAC technician with a diploma from an accredited school and certification from a renowned institute.” Dr.

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