What world comes with Sims 3 University?

the “University” campus is treated as if it’s a new world, however you can only play it as a side addition to any main world you choose.

What happens when one Sim goes to university?

A Sim cannot return to university for the same degree (or the other version) that they graduated with. Alumni can continue any relationships they forged while at school and can show their school pride by trying to start up a round of their school’s cheer.

How long is a term Sims 3 university?

So, University in Sims 3 has 1 Term (7 Sims Days) (Real Life: 2 Years of Community College) or 2 Term (14 Sim Days) (Real Life: 4 Years of University) and Young Adult (18 & Over).

Is Sims 3 into the future worth it?

All in all, I’m impressed with The Sims 3: Into the Future. … Eleven expansions seems like a bit much, especially considering all the stuff packs and mini-expansions they’ve added to the online store, but if you, like me, are still a fan of the Sims franchise, Into the Future is definitely worth a look.

Can 2 sims go to university together?

The good news it is indeed possible to enroll two sims into the same uni and have them live in the same housing. The bad news you have to do it one at a time. First enroll the first sim and move them to the chosen Uni.

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How long do sims have to wait to reapply to university?

This mod allows reapplying to university earlier than as it’s set up in the game (around 7 days of normal waiting).

How do I get my Sim accepted to university?

How to apply to and enrol in a university in The Sims 4. To apply to university, click on a computer and select ‘University > Apply to Universities’. Your Sim’s application will automatically be considered for all degree subjects by both University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute.

How long do Sims stay at university?

The Sims may only study one major at a time, but they can enroll in university after completing one major in order to study another. They can also customize the duration of the Sims’ term in university, 1 week being the minimum and 2 weeks the maximum.

Do you have to go with your Sim to university Sims 3?

It takes 48 credits for your Sim to earn a degree. Since the most you can get from one visit to the University is 36, you require the aptitude test to do it in one pass.

Enrolling, Scholarships and the Aptitude Test.

Sims University Aptitude Test Score Factors Major

Can you marry a Sim from university?

Young adult Sims can get engaged, but cannot marry while they are at college. … If the Sims are not already living together, the Sim being proposed to will move in with the Sim who proposed as soon as the wedding ceremony is over.

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