What are two advantages of federal student loans quizlet?

Federal student loans are advantageous because they generally have the lowest interest rates and don’t require a credit check. These loans can be subsidized or unsubsidized.

What are 3 advantages to federal student loans?

Federal student loans are backed by the U.S. Department of Education and offer unique perks that you won’t find with private student loans. Some of the benefits of federal student loans include low interest rates, income-driven repayment options, and access to student loan forgiveness programs.

What is one advantage of federal student loans quizlet?

Lower interest rates, don’t require a cosigner, approval process for students is not based on the borrower’s credit score, more flexible, offer several payment plans, temporarily postpone or lower your payments if you are having trouble repaying your loan.

What is the main difference between a private and federal student loan quizlet?

1. What’s the difference between the federal and private loans? Federal loans, whether through a bank/private lender of the Department of Education, are funded and tightly regulated by the federal government. Private loans are not subsidized by the government, and therefore are not regulated as closely.

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Which of the following is an advantage of federal student loans?

One of the main advantages of federal student loans is that they’re easy to qualify for. Banks don’t want to lend you money unless they’re sure they’ll get the money back. As a result, you generally have to qualify by having sufficient income and credit history (which most young students don’t have).

What is the advantage of federal loans over private?

The interest rate is fixed and is often lower than private loans—and much lower than some credit card interest rates. View the current interest rates on federal student loans. The interest rate is fixed and may be lower than private loans—and much lower than some credit card interest rates.

What are disadvantages of Nsfas?

The biggest disadvantage of student loan is that it is a loan and it carries interest and therefore when one takes this loan he or she should bear in mind that it will lead to him or her being in debt for long period of time because due to interest factor the loan amount will keep on accumulating until one start .

What are the advantages of a private student loan over a federal student loan?

In general, private student loans have lower interest rates than personal loans. They can also offer the choice of a fixed or variable interest rate. A personal loan usually only offers a fixed interest rate, which can impact the amount of your payment.

What are the disadvantages of getting a student loan?

Cons of Student Loans

  • Student loans can be expensive. …
  • Student loans mean you start out life with debt. …
  • Paying off student loans means putting off other life goals. …
  • It’s almost impossible to get rid of student loans if you can’t pay. …
  • Defaulting on your student loans can tank your credit score.
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Which is a requirement for obtaining a direct federal student loan quizlet?

Which is a requirement for obtaining a Direct federal student loan? Filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid before the deadline.

Which of the following is not a federal student loan?

The answer is C.

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan. This plan is set up to use as a savings towards future school and education costs. Due to this money being saved and ‘on hand’ it is not a loan therefor it is not being used as a Federal Student Loan.

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