What are the safest college campuses in the US?

Rank State University/College
1 IDAHO Brigham Young University-Idaho
2 MICHIGAN Oakland University
3 KENTUCKY Northern Kentucky University
4 RHODE ISLAND University of Rhode Island

What is the least safe college in America?

By a wide margin, Marshall University boasts the lowest number of property crimes per 10,000 students on this list. However, it ranks third for violent crimes by the same proportion.

What are the most dangerous college campuses?

Overall, the university with the most criminal offenses was the University of New Mexico, making it the most dangerous college campus in America according to criminal offenses taking place on campus. In fact, the University of New Mexico was the only college to break 900 criminal offenses over the past five years.

What are safe zones on college campuses?

Safe spaces are places reserved for marginalized individuals to come together and discuss their experiences. Marginalized groups may include women, people of color, survivors of abuse, and/or members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Are college campuses safe?

While colleges and universities take active measures to protect students and provide a safe campus, crime does still happen. In 2018, 19.5 reported on-campus crimes occurred per 10,000 full-time students, according to NCES. … Fortunately, students and parents have access to a college’s annual security report.

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What is the most dangerous University?

Based on our analysis of the FBI’s data, we found the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to have the most reported violent crimes from 2008-2018, with almost 82 crimes per year. Since UCLA had the most reported violent crimes to law enforcement, Los Angeles ranked No. 1 of all cities we’ve listed.

How do you establish a safe space?

Below are some tips on how to create a few such “safe spaces” for yourself in different areas of your life.

  1. Visit a Traditional Support Group. jabejon / Getty Images. …
  2. Create a Social Media Group. Hero Images / Getty Images. …
  3. Join an Exercise Class. …
  4. Create A Regular Meet-Up. …
  5. Make Your Home a Stress-Free Sanctuary.

Can a person be a safe space?

Anyone can be a safe space.

In different circumstances, your judgment and decisiveness in a difficult situation may be what the person needs.

Who started safe spaces?

While the exact origin of the safe space concept is unknown, some trace it back to the 1960s women’s movement, as a means to create protective spaces for women against violence, and to provide a community to make change. Activist and scholar Moira Kenney notes that “Safe space, in the women’s movement, was a means …

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