Quick Answer: What is sentence of student?

What is the sentence of student?

[M] [T] He works as hard as any other student. [M] [T] This picture reminds me of when I was a student. [M] [T] She asked him if he was a student at this school. [M] [T] A student raised his hand when the teacher finished the reading.

What are 5 sentences examples?

5 sentences: My mom taught me to finish everything on my plate at dinner. The only problem with a pencil, is that they do not stay sharp long enough. Our school building is made of bricks.

Where do you put students in a sentence?

Students sentence example

  • She knew some students like that, but none would be found in their apartment. …
  • The institute had 55 instructors and 650 students in 1910. …
  • The students are hard working, and generally very intelligent.

What is sentence example?

A sentence is the basic unit of language which expresses a complete thought. It does this by following the grammatical basic rules of syntax. For example:”Ali is walking”. A complete sentence has at least a subject and a main verb to state (declare) a complete thought.

What are the types of sentences?

There are four basic types of sentences that we use for different purposes:

  • Declarative Sentences.
  • Interrogative Sentences.
  • Imperative Sentences.
  • Exclamatory Sentences.
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What’s the difference between student’s and students?

Basically: student — singular noun: “The student did well on the exam.” students — plural noun: “The students did well on their exams.” student’s — singular possessive adjective: “The student’s performance was excellent.”

What are good sentences?

A good sentence is a complete sentence.

A complete sentence requires a subject and a verb and expresses a complete thought—also known as an independent clause. … For example: “Parents worry about their children.” This sentence is complete, and conveys a clear idea.

What type of word is student?

Student is a noun – Word Type.

How do you write an apostrophe for students?

When you have an ordinary noun like student, you can tell whether the possessive form refers to one student or many students by looking at where the apostrophe is. When you’re talking about one student, add apostrophe + s: The student’s favorite subject was science.

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