Question: What should college students not post on social media?

Students SHOULD NOT post illegal activities, bullying communication, trashing of teachers or complaining about school or classes, any images that others could see as negative, or anything they wouldn’t be fine with being posted on a public billboard with their name attached.

What should and should not be posted on Facebook by college students?

What College Students Should and Should Not Post on Facebook

  • DO: Share pictures or posts of professional accomplishments. …
  • DO: Interact with professors and students. …
  • DO: Share interesting, relevant article links. …
  • DO: Post a link to your professional blog. …
  • DON’T: Talk touchy subjects. …
  • DON’T: Get too personal.

What do colleges look for on social media?

Colleges want to admit students who are excited about attending their particular school. … If the colleges you apply to do decide to look at your social media accounts, they will appreciate seeing how interested you are in their activities. 3) Follow the social media accounts of your own high school.

Why students should stay away from social media?

Promo. Social media is one of the biggest distractions that you can face. Therefore, if you have an important exam coming your way, then it’s best to stay away from social media as it can waste your valuable time and you may not be able to study at all.

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Is posting too much on Facebook bad?

If you notice that you’re losing fans or followers, it could be an sign that you might be sharing too much content that isn’t valuable. It’s fine to post a few times a day on social media, just as long as you’re posting useful, engaging content.

Is Facebook bad for college students health?

Latest research recommends that usage of Facebook may result psychological condition of individuals. This study aims to determine Facebook consequences on student’s mental health of depression and anxiety. research recommends that usage of Facebook may result psychological condition of individuals. and anxiety.

Should colleges look at students social media?

Since we can’t say for certain what colleges may or may not take into account on your social media, we suggest it is better to be safe than sorry later. Basically, colleges and companies have the right to look at your social media. Anything you put on the Internet could become available for almost anyone to access it.

Do colleges care if you curse on social media?

Briefly, it’s unlikely that colleges will go to the trouble of digging deep into your social media profile. … There have been cases in which other students, teachers, or community members have tipped a college off about a negative factor that the student did not mention on their application.

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