Is WVUP a community college?

WVU Parkersburg was founded in 1961 as the Parkersburg Branch of West Virginia University. In 1971, it became Parkersburg Community College, one of the state’s first comprehensive community colleges. … State legislation created a statewide network of independently-accredited community and technical colleges in 2008.

Is WVUP a four year college?

NON-CREDIT COURSES: Courses and programs may be offered as Non-credit or Fast-Track programs through Workforce and Community Education at WVU Parkersburg. … BACCALAUREATE PROGRAMS: The Baccalaureate program has a minimum of 120 credit hours and is generally a four-year degree program.

Does WVUP have dorms?

The cost of room and board is based on WVU Parkersburg’s status as a commuter college and the fact that we have no on-campus housing. … It represents a modest budget by which a student can live adequately while attending WVU Parkersburg.

Is DuPont still in Parkersburg WV?

The Parkersburg facility was owned by DuPont until it spun off its chemical division into Chemours, in 2015.

What county is Parkersburg West Virginia in?

What classes does WVUP offer?


  • Accounting.
  • Accounting & Financial Management.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology.
  • Associate of Arts.
  • Associate of Science.
  • Business Administration.
  • Business Information Technology.
  • Chemical & Polymer Operator Technology.

Why did Mountain State University close?

The lawsuit, filed May 20, 2014, claims the HLC’s decision to withdraw MSU’s accreditation in 2012 was “arbitrary and capricious, unreasonable, an abuse of discretion and not based on substantial evidence.” The loss of accreditation led to MSU’s closure in early 2013.

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