Is Imperial College fun?

Is Imperial College Overrated?

If you are a serious student that wants to delve deep in to their subject alongside incredibly bright, diverse and like minded students then yes, Imperial College is completely worth it.

Is Imperial College difficult?

Life at Imperial is hard, as other people have said, but especially so on the Aero course – generally regarded as one of the hardest courses here, but hey you get a good degree. If you like a challenge and want to see how far you can go I would definitely recommend coming to IC.

Is Imperial better than UCL?

In terms of reputation, UCL beats Imperial among academics, while Imperial has a slightly stronger reputation among graduate employers, and also offers a slightly better student/faculty ratio.

How do you survive in Imperial?

The fighting in Imperial City is intense.

Here’s a quick recap of the Imperial City survival guide for non-PvP players:

  1. Realize that you’re going to die often, and don’t get mad about it.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings and use sneak and stealth.
  3. Run with a zerg.
  4. Don’t panic and overact to in-game situations.

Is Imperial College stressful?

Stress, Work and more Stress?!

Imperial College is a high-performing and fast paced environment. Often students think the amount of work they have and the level of stress they are under is normal for anybody completing a degree and university.

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Is Imperial math hard?

It’s really, really hard. Especially at somewhere like Imperial. You’ve got to have the ability to do it, and the motivation and perseverance to put the work in. Dropping out of Imperial would be a disaster, not least a financial one.

Why should I study at Imperial?

As the UK’s only university focusing entirely on science, engineering, medicine and business, Imperial is truly unique. We’re ranked among the top ten best universities in the world and around the globe we’re known for innovation, excellence and employability. Our central London location is also a huge advantage.

Is Imperial a top 10 university?

We’re consistently rated in the top-five UK universities and in the top-ten worldwide. Our reputation among researchers and employers provides you with a degree that is valued worldwide.

Is it hard to get into Imperial College London postgraduate?

Chances of being accepted as an Imperial College graduate are very high, so you can then add an American university to your CV.

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