Is Harvey Mudd better than UCLA?

Below is one of the few lists that ranks all of the different types of schools in California or the west and here is Forbes ranking of the best schools in the west and in this poll Mudd tops UCLA.

How prestigious is Harvey Mudd?

Indeed Mudd is known for its rigorous, high-performing student body, with graduates who outperform even those in the Ivy League. It routinely shows up on lists that rank the best value colleges and, based on median salary, its graduates out-earn those from Harvard and Stanford about 10 years into their careers.

Is Harvey Mudd harder than MIT?

Nope. Mudd was harder. The supposedly hardest CMC class was Ecconometics.

How good is Harvey Mudd Computer Science?

Harvey Mudd College CompSci Rankings

The bachelor’s program at Harvey Mudd College was ranked #40 on College Factual’s Best Schools for compsci list. It is also ranked #6 in California.

Is Harvard in UK or US?

Harvard University

Coat of arms
Latin: Universitas Harvardiana
Location Cambridge , Massachusetts , United States 42°22′28″N 71°07′01″WCoordinates: 42°22′28″N 71°07′01″W
Campus Urban 209 acres (85 ha)
Language Mostly English

Is Harvey Mudd an elite college?

Although Harvey Mudd offers majors only in engineering, math, chemistry and physics, the college ranked ninth in the country in percentage of graduates getting doctorates in life sciences, such as biology and botany. … “We’re unabashedly elite,” Tanenbaum said of Mudd’s 8-1 student-teacher ratio.

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What does Harvey Mudd look for?

Harvey Mudd College seeks to educate engineers, scientists, and mathematicians well versed in all of these areas and in the humanities, social sciences and arts so that they may assume leadership in their fields with a clear understanding of the impact of their work on society.

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