How strict is Wheaton College?

Wheaton is a fairly conservative school with strong academics and zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. This is not a good school for slackers or party animals. To be honest, the weather takes a little getting used to as well; there is snow on the ground for a good half of the year.

What are Wheaton College students like?

Students who come to Wheaton college are highly academic and generally buy into the liberal arts ideal in their approach to their education. There is also a very strong Christian sentiment among the members of the student body, rooted in a widespread motivation to learn how to better love and serve God.

Is Wheaton College a party school?

There is always a level of partying (and drinking) at Wheaton, but there is no pressure to drink if you don’t want to. Additionally, BACCHUS, Wheaton’s student-run entertainment group offers multiple sober activities, ranging from theater trips to Boston, to free, big-screen, pre-release movies.

Is Wheaton College difficult?

It is very difficult, though. Even highly successful students can study for hours and hours and only pull Bs. Wheaton has tough academics.

Is Wheaton College Liberal?

Wheaton College is an evangelical liberal arts college and graduate school in Wheaton, Illinois.

Wheaton College (Illinois)

Motto Christo et Regno Ejus
Academic staff 198 full time, 104 part time
Students 2,810
Undergraduates 2,400
Postgraduates 500
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Does Wheaton College have a dress code?

There is no dress code. Wheaton’s motto is “For Christ and his Kingdom”.

What makes Wheaton College unique?

The best things about Wheaton are the Christian atmosphere and the challenging curriculum. Wheaton encourages students to push themselves both academically and spiritually without being forceful. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming–anyone would feel at home here.

Is Wheaton College d1?

Becoming Champions. Wheaton offers men and women intercollegiate participation in 21 different sports as a member of NCAA Division III.

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