How much is it per semester at University of Memphis?

Tennessee Resident Tuition Per Semester $4,104
Tennessee Resident Total Cost Per Semester $13,193
Non-Tennessee Resident Tuition Per Semester $6,024
Non-Tennessee Resident Total Cost Per Semester $15,113

How much does it cost to go to University of Memphis for 4 years?

After receiving the financial aid, the net price for 4 years of attending the school is $79,841 for Tennessee residents and $77,750 for out-of-state students. The next table shows the 4-year COA estimation with financial aid for the next 5 admission years at University of Memphis.

Is University of Utah a party school?

If you’re looking for a party scene, the University of Utah is probably the closest you’ll get, as it has the most diverse student body and is situated in the most urban location. This website that was the first to pop up in a Google Search gave the University of Utah an “A-” on the party scene index.

How much is tuition at Lausanne?

University of Geneva – average tuition fees: 900 EUR/year. University of Bern – average tuition fees: 1,700 EUR/year. University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW – average tuition fees: 1,260 EUR/year. University of Lausanne – average tuition fees: 1,040 EUR/year.

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