How much does St Augustine University cost?

Is University of St Augustine a good school?

“The University of Saint Augustine is a great school with friendly faculty and staff. The program is academically challenging and offers plenty of practical exams to ensure that you graduate as an excellent clinician. But make no mistake, the program is tough because it is accelerated.”

How much does it cost to go to St Augustine High school?

St. Augustine High School (San Diego)

St. Augustine High School
Newspaper The Augustinian
School fees Registration Fee: $260 Tuition Deposit: $200 Senior Fee: $290 Junior Fee: $285 Sophomore Fee: $255 Freshman Fee: $298 Graduation Fee: $285
Tuition $20,346 (2018-2019)

Is Usahs hard to get into?

Augustine for Health Sciences is exceptionally difficult to get into. Not only should you be aiming for a 3.15 but also SAT scores around -.

How much does it cost to attend Mater Dei?

Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, California)

Mater Dei High School
Newspaper The Scarlet Scroll
Yearbook Crown
Tuition Catholic: $15,500 Non Catholic: $16,900
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