How do you stretch and challenge more able students?

How do you stretch and improve higher ability students?

Extend by asking students to come up with their own ‘What ifs’ which they then answer. Or, challenge them to produce multiple answers and argue which is most likely/appealing/harmful etc. Ask students to produce exam questions for the topic they are studying. These could be scaffolded by criteria or left open.

How do you challenge more students?

Prioritise verbal feedback. Draw ‘more able’ pupils into discussions where questioning can be higher-order, and encourage analysing and evaluating rather than remaining at the comprehension level (Alexander, 2017). Insist that pupils mark their own work before you do.

What is stretch and challenge in teaching?

Stretching and challenging all learners means creating lessons where challenge is at the forefront of teaching and learning. This takes learners out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to push towards the outer edge of what is possible for them to achieve.

How do you challenge high achievers?

Challenge Your Top Students

  1. Allow Choice. Try to offer more than one way for your students to show what they know and understand. …
  2. Integrate Technology. …
  3. Let Kids Work Together. …
  4. Accommodate Pace. …
  5. Determine Prior Knowledge. …
  6. Encourage Goal Setting. …
  7. Teach Creatively. …
  8. Ok Independent Learning Projects.
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How do you challenge children’s learning?

We can challenge children by helping them use the higher-order thinking skills of application and synthesis. It is through the process of applying what she has learned to new situations that a child makes the knowledge her own. For example, you might ask children to apply their knowledge of 1 through 10 with buttons.

What does learning look like in your classroom?

Learning is challenging, active, and engaging

Students are applying, analyzing, evaluating, and/or creating during a significant portion of the lesson. They are not simply remembering or regurgitating textbook answers. Students are engaged in productive work throughout the class.

What is the difference between stretch and challenge?

So, stretching is about differentiation and helping students to personally move onto the next step, extending their understanding or skills from any starting point. But, we believe that challenge is about building resilience, having the controlled fail, learning from it, and unlocking deeper thinking.

What is a more able student?

Most Able students (formerly known as ‘Gifted and Talented’) have been defined as those students who have one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop these abilities).

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