Frequent question: What is special about George Washington University?

The best thing about GW is the access to internships and career opportunities that comes with living in Washington, DC. Students at this school have the opportunity to develop the best resumes during college and are in the most prime location for political activism.

Why George Washington University is a good school?

A great institution with outstanding faculty. As a Low-income ROTC student studying international affairs, GW has provided a plethora of resources and opportunities that contributed to my growth as both an individual, and a leader. GWU provides a unique undergraduate experience in the heart of Washington DC.

Is George Washington University a party school?

The Daily Beast ranked GW eighteenth on its list of the 25 best party schools in the country this year. The online publication gives GW a grade “A” for nightlife, citing 253 liquor law violations and 167 drug law violations in 2009.

Is George Washington University a black college?

The enrolled student population at George Washington University, both undergraduate and graduate, is 46.6% White, 10.4% Asian, 9.97% Black or African American, 8.67% Hispanic or Latino, 3.1% Two or More Races, 0.176% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.162% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.

Is GW a hard school?

The overall academics at GW are good; however, many large lecture classes tend to be too difficult and eat up a lot of time, for a course that is only a requirement where little to none of the information needs to be retained for further studies.

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Does George Washington University have Greek life?

GW is home to more than 35 unique fraternity and sorority chapters.

Is GW a dry campus?

1) GW is NOT a dry campus. … Obviously underage drinking is strictly prohibited and discouraged by the University BUT that does not mean it does not happen on our campus. It is up the individual should they partake in any kind of activity regarding underaged drinking (or drug use).

Is GW prestigious?

GWU is much more prestigious than most universities in the US. It’s not in the top-10 tier, but is in the second tier immediately below, along with other prestigious universities like nearby Georgetown. There are several “best reasons” to attend GWU.

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