Frequent question: What is GM student discount?

Does GM have a student discount?

Does GM offer a student discount? General Motors offers discounts to eligible college students, graduate students, and recent graduates. The discounts apply on nearly all models , can amount to several thousand dollars, and include special pricing on Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles.

How much off is GM discount?

The GM Accessories Employee Discount Program can save you 20% below MSRP on eligible accessories purchased through your participating GM Dealer or online at your brand eCommerce store.

What is GM college?

The GM College Discount offers discounted prices below MSRP to college students from any two- or four-year school, current nursing school and graduate students, and recent graduates who have graduated within the last two years.

How do I qualify for GM Loyalty Discount?

To qualify for the loyalty program, customers must own or lease a 1999 or newer General Motors vehicle. The mailer will include the expiration date of the offer and any additional terms of service. The rebates can be redeemed at participating GM dealerships.

How can I get a discount on OnStar?

How to Get an OnStar Discount

  1. Ask your car salesperson for an OnStar discount if you are purchasing a new vehicle that comes with OnStar. …
  2. Call OnStar customer service at 888-466-7827, if you are current subscriber, and ask for a discount. …
  3. Get a job with GM, if you are qualified for any open positions in your area.
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Does GM have a friends and family discount?

For every GM vehicle you purchase or lease with your GM Supplier Discount (up to two per year), you have one year to share your discount with one (1) friend or family member. They’ll get the vehicle of their choice at the same great discount.

Can you negotiate lower than employee pricing?

Because an employee pricing deal gives you the invoice price, you won’t be able to negotiate the price any further with the dealership. … That’s because this deal lowers the sticker price to the advertised dealer cost. There may still be room to negotiate between the advertised and actual dealer cost.

How much is GM preferred pricing?

GM Preferred Pricing allows for employees of Select partner company’s to purchase or lease a New vehicle at 1.5% over the dealer price. This equates to significant savings and a great opportunity.

Can I use my grandfathers GM discount?

Can my family member combine this discount with current offers? In most cases, yes. Have your eligible family member visit a GM Dealer or see current offers.

Does Subaru have a college grad program?

Subaru Motors Finance (SMF) and Subaru of America (SOA) offer special programs to assist Subaru drivers. SMF offers a College Graduate Program specifically for recent college graduates to help make it easier for them to finance or lease a new Subaru.

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