Frequent question: Does Kia offer college grad discount?

(KMA)* is helping recent graduates make the transition from school to their careers by making it easy and affordable to buy a new Kia vehicle by offering a $400 discount incentive in addition to certain other incentives offered by KMA. Not all incentive programs are compatible.

What is the Kia friends and family discount?

Registered. A friend works at the Kia plant here in Georgia, and as an employee perk, they can apply for 5 “Friends and Family” certificates that entitle the recipient to invoice minus 3% percent and a 400$ rebate.

Does Kia have a healthcare discount?

There are other potential discounts available to military, first responders, and healthcare workers for vehicle service and car rental. … Several other automakers have military discount programs, including BMW, Genesis, Infiniti, Kia, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota.

What is Kmf cash?

KMF is Kia Motors Finance, Kia’s captive lender in the US. Retail in this context means a retail purchase (ie, not a lease).

Do Kia employees get a discount?

Kia allows team members, plus their family and friends to purchase new Kia vehicles at near dealer cost. Kia members also have the option to purchase off-lease vehicles at reduces prices through Kia.

Does Kia offer a student discount?

No, Kia does not offer student discounts.

What is Kia finance rate?

Kia Finance Incentives

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The 2021 Rio and 2022 K5 sedans are offered with 0.9% financing for five years. The 2022 Carnival is available with 1.9% financing for five years, while the 2021 Sorento and 2022 Seltos SUVs offer this rate for a longer 66-month period.

Is Kia in financial trouble?

The Kia Motors Corporation, one of South Korea’s leading car manufacturers, was effectively placed under bankruptcy protection today, as Korean banks announced emergency financial assistance to the debt-ridden company and many of its subsidiaries.

Does Hyundai own Kia?

Are Kia and Hyundai the Same Company? … Kia filed for bankruptcy in 1997 after they were their own independent entity. Hyundai Motor Group decided to purchase the auto company in 1998 to keep it afloat. Kia and Hyundai Motor Group operate independently, but Hyundai is the parent company of Kia Motors.

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