Can you get into university with 2 A levels?

Most universities would require 3 A Levels. They won’t accept 2 A Levels and 1 AS Level unless you can somehow come up with a great story about why you couldn’t give 3 A Levels. Pretty sure you can study at most universities in the US since they only require applicants to take SAT.

How many A levels are needed for uni?

How many A-Levels can you take? You can take a maximum of five A-Levels, although most students choose three. Most universities are happy to offer you a place based on three subjects. This number often excludes general studies, so check the course entry requirements if you’re thinking of taking general studies.

Are 2 A levels enough?

A school or college shouldn’t be offering the chance to do only 2 A levels unless it is in combination with another course that is equivilent to a single A level, such as a BTEC level 3 subsidiary diploma. To do otherwise would be not beneficial to you or to them.

Can I go to uni with 2 A levels and a BTEC?

Phil: “Yes, students with BTECs are able to apply to university (although they need to be level 3, i.e. A-Level equivalent.) … However, students gaining a good grade in a BTEC alongside two A-Levels should be fine.”

Do I need 3 A-levels to go to university?

Although A Levels are primarily for those seeking to get into university, yes it is possible to get to university without A levels and qualify for a university course. An Access to Higher Education (Access to HE) course is a flexible way of getting into university and suits those who are returning to education.

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What are the hardest A-levels?

According to SnapRevise, the hardest A-Level subjects to study are:

  1. Modern foreign languages.
  2. Further maths.
  3. History.
  4. Physics.
  5. English literature.
  6. Chemistry.
  7. Maths.
  8. Psychology.

Can I go to uni without A-levels?

I want to go to university, but don’t have any A-levels. What are my options? You can take A-levels through the National Extension College, which offers a home-learning option. An access to higher education course is specifically designed to prepare students for university.

Are Highers harder than A-levels?

Advanced Highers now attract more UCAS tariff points than A-Levels at the same grades. Also, research studies have revealed a major gap of performance on Advanced Highers examinations between different schools sectors (i.e. private schools’ students attaining, on average, higher results than state schools’ students).

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