Can you choose your roommate at Ohio University?

Roommate requests must be mutual PRIOR to selecting a room to be successful in the roommate selection process. Only students who have finalized their housing contract (both completed and paid their deposit) can be considered for roommate matching and/or selection.

Can you choose your roommate in university?

Many universities require first-year students to live on campus. Some schools limit new students to freshman dorms and specific housing options, while others don’t even give you the option to choose your own roommate. They simply match you with another student and you have no input on who you’re going to live with.

Can boys and girls room together at Ohio University?

Couples of any gender mix will be allowed to live together in GIH; however, the focus of GIH is creating an inclusive environment where students can live in the same room with any student – regardless of sex, gender, gender identity/expression, or sexual orientation.

Can you request roommates at OU?

Can I request to room with someone who is not yet accepted to OU? No, both students must be admitted to the university in order to request each other as a roommate. … Single room assignments are based on availability and not all requests are guaranteed.

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What can you not bring to Ohio University?


  • Halogen lightbulbs.
  • Toasters & toaster ovens.
  • Personal air conditioners.
  • Grills, hot plates, candles, and wax burners.
  • Multi-plug adapters, extension cords, cube adapters, and outlet splitters.
  • Lamps with exposed light bulbs and Octopus lamps.
  • Duct/Masking Tape or any destructive tape on walls.

Does OU allow pets in dorms?

OU students are not to have any sort of pet, with the exception of fish tanks in their dorm. … The policy stands as a regard to the concern over students’ health and allergy conditions. With the exception of service animals, dogs, cats and other animals are not permitted in university buildings as well.

How much are dorms at Ohio University?

The OHIO Guarantee 2018-2019 Cohort – Athens Campus

Cost of Attendance
Residence Hall $3,530 $7,060
Meal Plan $2,233 $4,466
Books/Supplies $459 $918

Does Ohio University have coed dorms?

Ohio University will join the growing number of colleges nationwide that allow men and women to live together in select dorm rooms. Starting in the fall, OU will make coed rooms available on specific floors of three residence halls: MacKinnon, Smith and Truedley.

Does Ohio University require freshmen to live on campus?

Freshman or transfer students with fewer than four semesters or six quarters in the residence halls after high school graduation are required to live on campus and participate in the associated meal plan. (See link to exemptions below.) … Students who are not required to live on campus may still apply for housing.

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