Best answer: What states do Harvard students come from?

State Amount
Massachusetts 218
California 213
New York 213
Texas 75

How many out of state students go to Harvard?

1,043 students lived in Massachusetts or jurisdiction in which the school is located are enrolled exclusively in online courses and 3,142 students live in other State or outside of the United States.

How old are students at Harvard?

Most Harvard students fall into the 25-29 age-range. Student age diversity is higher than average.

What SAT score is required for Harvard?

There’s no absolute SAT requirement at Harvard, but they really want to see at least a 1460 to have a chance at being considered.

The most popular majors at Harvard University include: Social Sciences, General; Biology/Biological Sciences, General; Mathematics, General; Computer Science; and History, General. The average freshman retention rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, is 97%.

How many students does Harvard waitlist?

Harvard College does not have a large waitlist, somewhere around 50 to 250, but it is ordered, which mean there is first, second, third, …, and last. If you are near the bottom of the list, it is extremely difficult because Harvard College yield rate is high.

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