Best answer: What generation is currently in college?

Generation Z, born 1995 through 2010 (Seemiller & Grace, 2016), now comprises the entire traditional- age undergraduate college demographic.

How many college students are Gen Z?

Born in 1995 and later, Gen Z includes 74 million young people — about 24% of the population.

What is Gen Z looking for in a college?

As the most diverse generation in US history, according to Pew Research, Gen Z looks beyond academic rankings to consider an institution’s reputation for social and extracurricular activities and embracing diversity.

Is Gen Z going to college more?

Generation Z and College

Generation Zers are climbing a longer academic ladder. They are more likely to pursue college compared to earlier generations, according to the Pew Research Center. Among 18- to 21-year-olds no longer in high school in 2018, 57% were enrolled in a two- or four-year college.

Are millennials college students?

Millennials are the most educated generation. According to the PEW Research center, some 63% of Millennials value a college education and plan to get one. Of that number, 19% have already graduated from college and the remaining 44% plan to graduate from college.

Is Gen Z educated?

Gen Z was set to unseat millennials as the most educated generation ever, but that’s no sure thing after 2020. The pandemic has delayed — and set back — Gen Z’s educational progress, according to a new Bank of America Research report.

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Are millennials still in college?

We put the exact date range of millennials as those who are 19-39 today – basically today’s college students to 39 year olds. That’s a big, big range. Although there is no consensus on the exact years the actual generations begin and end, millennials are usually born between 1982 through 2002.

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