Best answer: How do I watch NFL Sunday Ticket student?

How do you get student discount on NFL Sunday Ticket?

DirecTV is offering college students a fantastic deal on the streaming NFL Sunday Ticket package. Use code TEAMHUDDLE in order to get an additional discount on the $24.99 rate for students with an . edu email address, making your final total $79.97 for four months.

Can I watch my NFL Sunday Ticket Online?

Catch the action almost anywhere on Sundays. Download the free NFL SUNDAY TICKET app on a compatible mobile or connected device. Sign in at with your email address and password – or your myAT&T user ID and password. Heads up: You can only watch or stream one game at a time.

How does NFL Sunday Ticket verify you are a student?

NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV U is currently available to actively enrolled students attending an eligible 2 or 4 year college/university in the United States. If your school isn’t listed, please visit to submit qualifications for verification.

How does NFL Sunday Ticket streaming work?

You can stream live, out-of-market NFL regular season games every Sunday afternoon on a compatible tablet, smartphone, web browser, gaming console, or streaming device. Packages for the 2021 season are: NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV TO GO. NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV MAX (Includes access to RED ZONE CHANNEL & DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE)

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What’s the cheapest way to get NFL Sunday Ticket?

Skip Sunday Ticket in Favor of a Live Streaming Service

Streaming services that offer live television, like Hulu + Live TV, offer almost all of the Sunday NFL games via standard television channels. A service like this is often much cheaper than DirecTV.

What does NFL Sunday Ticket student include?


Verified students have access to exclusive features including RED ZONE CHANNEL®, every touchdown from inside the 20, and DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE® CHANNEL, a live channel dedicated to fantasy football. College students receive an exclusive discount.

How much does Sunday NFL ticket cost?

NFL SUNDAY TICKET gets you every live, out-of-market game broadcast on FOX and CBS. That’s about 150 games. We think every NFL fan would love that kind of coverage, but the cost might scare a few away. NFL SUNDAY TICKET will run you $293.94 a season.

Does Amazon Prime have NFL Sunday Ticket?

The biggest changes: Thursday night games will become the exclusive domain of Amazon Prime, and DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket will no longer be part of the package.

What is the NFL Sunday Ticket Max?

NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV MAX lets you stream live, out-of-market NFL regular season games every Sunday afternoon on your computer, tablet, phone, or connected streaming device.

Does NFL SUNDAY TICKET student automatically renew?

Heads up: Students are not auto-renewed and must follow the eligibility process each season.

Does NFL Game Pass have a student discount?

No, NFL Game Pass does not offer student discounts.

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